Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshie D!

I just got back from WV, a day with family and nephew’s 14th birthday.  He is growing up so fast!  One of the pros (on my mental pros & cons list) of being alone is that I can take off whenever I want and go where ever I want.  That’s different and definitely cool!
Driving in WV is great, everything is so beautiful.  Then you get on the turnpike, otherwise known as, Interstate 77.  The road is horrible, you can tell as soon as you get on it because your car suddenly rides like an ATV on a gravel road and the lanes are not as wide as everywhere else.  What really trips my trigger is that you have to pay to drive on this road!!  For years, it cost $1.50 to get to the small town in WV where my family is.  If we were traveling to Charleston, the cost was more like $3.75.  So, I’m on my way today and, as usual, I have very little cash.  I arrive at the toll booth and they have raised the first toll from $1.25 to $2.00!  I asked the man if they take credit cards and of course, they don’t.  I finally found enough change to pay the man and asked how much the next toll was – another $2.00!  I didn’t make it clear that I was not going to Charleston, so, the toll at my exit was only $0.40 and I came up with that.  I know, there are a lot of toll roads that charge a lot more than $2.40, but, that road is HORRIBLE!  I cannot believe they even still have a toll, let alone raise it!
Wow, that was my rant for the day, I guess.  On a more positive note, mom had 3 kittens that are just ready to leave their momma.  I picked out mine.  I haven’t had a cat for 7-8 years and I really miss having one, but I’m not sure how my African Grey, Clint, will react.  He pretty much rules the roost around here.  I’ve worried about Clint getting hurt if I got a cat, but looking at how small that kitten is and how spoiled Clint is, maybe I should worry about the kitten!  I’m hoping my sister will bring it down next weekend and we will see how Clint handles an addition to the family.  I also get to come up with another pet name, that’s cool.
Another positive note – I looked out the window this evening and saw the most beautiful sunset!  I had to get some pictures.

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Beautiful pictures!