Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Every day is a new adventure!

Well, I was doing well losing weight until Thanksgiving. I gained a pound over the holiday. It was rather frustrating, but I did enjoy dinner! I’ve lost around 6 pounds, but it’s going very slowly!

I am attempting to get my license as a therapist and to fulfill the requirements I have to take 4 more classes. There were 2 classes from my masters that were not accepted. Ok, I can handle that. HA! I have contacted 5 colleges and only one seemed willing to provide information and assistance in identifying the classes I needed and when they are available. I am completely amazed! I will be paying $300 - $700 per credit hour, a total of 12 hours needed, and these people cannot answer simple questions. Can you imagine walking into a car dealership and asking what kind of gas mileage a particular car gets and being told “you will have to contact the department” (that’s what I was told!) What #$%ing department??? Would you feel confident buying a car from someone who could not find out the answer to what seems like a logical question? I checked with the department I assumed would offer the class I needed and it wasn’t offered, so I clicked where it said “for further information . . .” The one college that does want to provide information, costs $600 per hour and I’m not sure about accreditation (afraid to ask!). I think I’ve found a college that offers the classes I need online for about $400 per hour. It will be worth it, the agency I work for gives a 10% raise for licensure, and also I’ll be able to counsel online – my goal. I guess if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing, and I’m up for a challenge!

That’s my rant for the day, LOL! Very frustrating, but it WILL get done!